Răzvan Săftoiu

Răzvan Săftoiu

Răzvan Săftoiu is an Associate Professor at Transilvania University of Braşov, where he teaches courses in pragmatics, applied linguistics, communication and discourse analysis. He received national and international research grants at the University of Bucharest (2001-2003), State University of New York at Albany (2005-2006), Transilvania University of Braşov (2007-2010, 2015-2017), and published articles on everyday talk-in-interaction, political and media discourse as well as reviews in Romanian and international peer reviewed journals.

Articles published in “Diacronia”

Book reviewDiacronia 12, December 27, 2020, A175
Angela Smith & Michael Higgins, The Language of Journalism. A Multi-genre Perspective, 2nd edition, Bloomsbury, London, 2020, 224 p.

ArticleDiacronia 5, March 23, 2017, A73
The ethnic category from a linguistic perspective

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