Iulia Elena Zup

Graduate of the faculties of letters and law, PhD in filology at the University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Iași and University of Innsbruck, Austria, lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the Iași university, teaching legal German and English.

Research fields: German literature (PhD thesis and monography Elias Canettis Charaktere, 2012); cultural transfer in Bukovina during the Habsburg and interwar periods (monography Traducerile legislaţiei austriece în Bucovina habsburgică (1775-1918), 2015). Research projects: Dictionary of the German-language Press in the Historical Bukovina (1848-1940), coordinated by prof. dr. Andrei Corbea-Hoişie; project lead of the postdoc The evolution of the German and Romanian terminology in Bukovina (1775-1914).

Articles published in “Diacronia”

ArticleDiacronia 13, June 13, 2021, A182
Unfaithful translation and translation purposes: The Discovery of America by Joachim Heinrich Campe, in Romanian version

ArticleDiacronia 9, May 7, 2019, A137
The translations into Romanian of the Austrian laws for the province Bukovina (1775–1918)

Other publications

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