Erika-Mária Tódor

Erika-Mária Tódor

Erika-Mária TÓDOR is associate professor at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transilvania. Her fields of research represent the aspects of socio- and  psycholinguistic and profile of Hungarian-Romanian bilingual speaker  in a holistic context. In her studies the autor describes  dimensions  the verbal behavior of bilingual speaker,  such as: code- switching, the meaning reprezentation in case reading in different language, the interdependences between language landscape, attitude and vocabulary activating, linguistic interference and verbal behavior.

Articles published in “Diacronia”

EssayDiacronia 10, November 7, 2019, A150
Translanguaging strategies in describing the bi(multi)lingual profile of the novel Moarte în ținutul secuilor by Caius Dobrescu

ArticleDiacronia 2, July 17, 2015, A21
The interdependencies of bilingual behaviour. Psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic profile of Hungarian-Romanian bilinguals

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