Cecilia-Mihaela Popescu

Mihaela Popescu is Associate Professor in Applied Romance Linguistics, General Linguistics, and Latin Language at the University of Craiova. She received her PhD in 2006 with a thesis focused on a comparative study of the expression of the potential and the irrealis in Latin, French, and Romanian. She has edited various joint volumes. In 2013, she published her post-doctoral thesis entitled The Future and the Conditional in Romance Languages. A Morphosyntactic and Semantic Approach from a Diachronic Perspective. She also published papers in Revue de linguistique romane, Revista de Philología Romanica, Revue de Semantique et Pragmatique, Revue roumaine de linguistique, and Zeitschrift für französische Sprach und Literatur, as well as in other international peer-reviewed volumes. Her research interests include historical linguistics (history of Latin language, history of Old French and Old Romanian, grammaticalization) and French borrowings into Romanian.

Articles published in “Diacronia”

ArticleDiacronia 7, April 27, 2018, A99
The diachronic evolution of future tense forms in French from the perspective of the re-grammaticalization theory

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