Ana Ene

Ana Ene

Ana Ene (born 2 Jul. 1968) – graduate of the Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest (1995); PhD in Philology (2006) at University of Bucharest, having as scientific coordinator Professor PhD Romul Munteanu

Affiliation: Associate Professor at Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Letters, Transilvania University of Brașov

Taught courses and areas of interest: Contemporary Romanian Language (Phonetics, Phonology, Lexicology), Semantics, Dialectology, Rhetoric, Stylistics

Publications (selection):

Școala Ardeleană și tipurile ei de discurs. O perspectivă comparatistă, Brașov: Transilvania University (2008)

Introducere în lexicografie. Principii teoretice și aplicații, Brașov: Transilvania University (2008)

Elemente de semantică, Brașov: Transilvania University (2009)

Limba română contemporană. Elemente de fonetică, fonologie, lexicologie, Brașov: Transilvania University (2010)

chap. Peritextual Dialogue in The Dynamics of Poetry Translatability, in Spaces of Polyphony, Amsterdam: John Benjamins (2012)

Aspecte ale resemantizării în argou, in Structure, Use, and Meaning. Linguistic studies, Cluj-Napoca: Casa Cărții de Ştiință (2012)

Dialectologie și lingvistică romanică, Brașov: Transilvania University (2013)

Forms of metatextual dialogism in the work of I. L. Caragiale, in (Inter)faces of dialogue, (no.1/2015)

Limba română contemporană. Introducere în stilistică, Brașov: Transilvania University (2016)

(Re/De)Contextualisation in the news headlines from Romanian mass-media, in Structure, Use, and Meaning. Linguistic studies, Brașov: Transilvania University (2017)

Articles published in “Diacronia”

ArticleDiacronia 10, November 7, 2019, A143
Lexical imitation and lexical creation in contemporary Romanian

ArticleDiacronia 9, May 7, 2019, A132
Aspects of relevance in the Romanian political discourse

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