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Aspecte ale dezvoltării polisemiei la contactul termenilor informatici cu limba comună

Publication: Limba română: controverse, delimitări, noi ipoteze. Actele celui de-al 9-lea Colocviu al Catedrei de Limba Română, I, Section Lexic, semantică, terminologii, p. 289
Editors:Rodica Zafiu, Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:[Mechanisms of Polysemisation at the Contact of the IT Terms with the General Language] A very important role in the development of terminological polysemy has been assigned to the phenomenon of term migration, towards other specialized domains, or the general language (GL). We assume that this phenomenon is mainly determined by the new extralinguistic reality: the tendency towards “democratization of knowledge” or “laicization of sciences” on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the development of new, interdisciplinary domains. Following the perspective of external, descriptive terminology, the article aims at illustrating a number of mechanisms of polysemy development, in the case of the IT terms that migrate towards GL. The terminological units that migrate in the permissive context of GL extend their usage through metaphor or metonymy, by”exploiting” the immediate context, meaning another determinologized unit belonging to IT, or to another specialized domain, or a word of the general language. These cases are being illustrated by the analysis of “TO ACCESS” and “ON-LINE”.
Language: Romanian

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