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Câteva trăsături ale unui dicţionar dialectal

Publication: Lucrările celui de-al XIV-lea Simpozion Internațional de Dialectologie, p. 254
Editors:Nicolae Mocanu, Dumitru Loșonți, Eugen Beltechi
Publisher:Argonaut, Scriptor
Abstract:The author presents a few remarks concerning certain features of The Dictionary of the South Daco-Romanian Idioms [Dicţionarul graiurilor dacoromâne sudice] (DGS), by Ion Ionică, Maria Marin, Anca Marinescu, Iulia Mărgărit, Teofil Teaha, which the first volume appeared in 2009 (letters A–C), the second one is to be published in 2010 (letters D–O) and the last one will be printed in 2011. The dictionary exploits the lexical material from Oltenia, Muntenia, Dobrogea, existing in dialectal archives of the Institute of Linguistics „Iorgu Iordan–Al. Rosetti”. Without being an exhaustive work on the Muntenian type idioms of Daco-Romanian, it contains only a „section” of their evolution, catching the struggles, the hesitations, the searches, but also the spontaneous creativity specific to oral language version. The richness and the variety of dialectal vocabulary included in this work, offer, among others, new possibilities of interpretation, different from the ones from general dictionaries of Romanian language, new etymological solutions, but also important suggestions of morphological nature. Of the latter, the author insists on a new ending, in -i, for nouns of neuter gender, generated by the formal similarities between the neuter and feminine nouns. It is also highlighted the onomasiologic aspect of DGS, given by the consistent settlement of synonymic correspondences between the terms included in the dictionary.
Key words:
  • dicţionar dialectal, trăsături ale lexicului dialectal, soluţii şi sugestii etimologice, aspecte onomasiologice
  • dialectal dictionary, features of the dialectal vocabulary, etymological solutions and suggestions, onomasiologic aspects
Language: Romanian

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