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Câteva aspecte privind formarea numelor de grup

Publication: Lucrările celui de-al XIV-lea Simpozion Internațional de Dialectologie, p. 7
Editors:Nicolae Mocanu, Dumitru Loșonți, Eugen Beltechi
Publisher:Argonaut, Scriptor
Abstract:The study offers a general perspective on the ways of formig group names. From the point of view of the word which represents the derivation basis, the group name can be derived from a toponym, the plural of a toponym/antroponym or from a a group name, by selecting one of the folowing suffixes: -ani, -ari, -aşi, -eni, -eşti, -nei. The second part of the article presents the group names used by the inhabitants from Sălaj county and the areas around to identify themselves.
Key words:
  • antroponim, derivare, nume de grup, nume de grup analitice, nume de grup sintetice, toponim
  • anthroponim, derivation, group name, analitical name group, synthetic group name, toponym
Language: Romanian

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