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On the necessity of precious terms: euphemisms and culture specific elements

Publication: The Proceedings of the International Conference Globalization, Intercultural Dialogue and National Identity. Section: Language and Discourse, 1, p. 406-410
Editors:Iulian Boldea
Publisher:Arhipelag XXI Press
Abstract:The present paper aims at debating upon the necessity of such controversial terms as euphemisms and culture specific elements. Thus, the article wishes to be perceived as an explanatory defence-attempt regarding euphemisms as mark of the ‘politically correct’ social imposition upon language or of the special extra-care imposed by the translation of the culture specific elements. Moreover, we intend to underline the power words can be endowed with and the varied images they can enhance.
Key words:communication, power of words, context, meaning, linguistic evolution
Language: English

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52Georgiana Lungu-BadeaTeoria culturemelor, teoria traduceriiEditura Universității de Vest2004

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