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Cuvinte potrivite. Aspecte ale utilizării calamburului la Paul Goma

Publication: Cercetări lingvistice. Omagiu doamnei profesoare Adriana Stoichițoiu Ichim, p. 249-259
Editors:Dragoș Vlad Topală
Publisher:Editura Sitech
Abstract:[Right words. Aspects of the use of puns in Paul Gomaʼs work]
This paper aims to investigate the mechanisms and the use of puns in the electronic correspondence between Paul Goma and Flori Stănescu, the editor of his works in Romania. The ludic function is approached in relation to the metalinguistic function, as they share certain traits and even some formal, lexical and grammatical means. Ambiguity, (am)bivalence, deviation and intentionality are the main characteristics to be identified in the examples analysed.
Puns are very frequent and highly efficient, since they involve language economy (by the use of ellipsis and implicitness), indirect attacks (via euphemism and manipulation) and a certain complicity with the reader(s), who is/are entrusted with the correct interpretation of some seemingly mismatched words in such a way that they become (well) matched in the relevant context. Consequently, for the proper understanding of puns, the semantic dimension ought to be complemented by the consideration of some pragmatic factors.
Key words:pun, ludic function, ambiguity, ambivalence, deviation
Language: Romanian

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