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Neologisme apărute după anul 1989 în vocabularul politico-social din limbile română și bulgară

Publication: Cercetări lingvistice. Omagiu doamnei profesoare Adriana Stoichițoiu Ichim, p. 169-180
Editors:Dragoș Vlad Topală
Publisher:Editura Sitech
Abstract:[Neologisms in Romanian and Bulgarian socio-political vocabulary after 1989]
The paper deals with the neologisms (new words or meanings, abbreviations, mainly initialisms, and collocations, that appeared in the Romanian and Bulgarian socio-political vocabulary after 1989, a year which marked the start of a new period in the development of the two countries and therefore of great lexical enrichment. The corpus has been divided in several lexical fields according to the following conceptual spheres: Politics (formation of new parties, organizations and institutions and their members, democratization of the political system), Elections and Sociology, International processes and movements, EU integration, Politico-military sphere. Due to the same extra-linguistic context and lexicon internationalization a lot of common features have been established as to the quantitative distribution of the terms and the rhythm of vocabulary innovation. Distinctions have been observed in the lexical inventory of some thematic groups owing to specific concepts, as well as in particular linguistic patterns of two different types of languages.
Key words:neologism, socio-political vocabulary, Romanian, Bulgarian, 1989
Language: Romanian

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