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Abordarea linvistico-pragmatică a traducerilor prozei pentru copii scrise de Spiridon Vangheli

Publication: Studii de traductologie românească. I. Discurs traductiv, discurs metatraductiv. In honorem professoris Ileana Oancea, p. 216-250
Editors:Georgiana Lungu-Badea, Nadia Obrocea
Publisher:Editura Universității de Vest
Abstract:This article aims at analysing the strategies applied in the translation of a particular type of literary text, namely children’s literature. In spite of some simplistic approaches to the issues arising from the translation of such texts, in reality, the translation of these really special texts requires multiple psycholinguistic, socio-cultural, educational, and emotional skills in order to produce an adaptation of the translated texts, at different levels of intervention in the basic text, which nevertheless should remain “harmless” compared to the message included by the author of the original in the canvas of the created literary work.
Key words:Spiridon Vangheli, literary translation for children, direct/indirect translation, socio-cultural interferences/discrepancies, translation strategies
Language: Romanian

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