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Exclamativele în română și alte limbi romanice

Publication: Lucrările celui de-al cincilea Simpozion Internațional de Lingvistică, București, 27-28 septembrie 2013, p. 264
Editors:Marius Sala, Maria Stanciu Istrate, Nicoleta Petuhov
Publisher:Editura Univers Enciclopedic Gold
Abstract:[Exclamatives in Romanian and other Romance languages]
I identify exclamative sentences in Romanian based on clear criteria (presuppositionality and non-canonicity). I argue that these criteria, proposed for other languages, are justified for Romanian because they allow characterizing a sentence as univocally exclamative and they sustain a strong form-meaning correlation: exclamative sentences always involve some non-prosodic marking at the sentence level (by constituent fronting or use of special complementizers or moods). This correlation is shown to hold for other Romance languages as well. I also show that exclamative sentences are never distinguished from declaratives by intonation alone (they can be distinguished by intonation alone from other non-declarative sentences). Another interesting generalization, which may be related to presuppositionality, is that exclamatives often look like sub-sentential constituents (subordinate clauses or noun phrases).
Key words:
  • exclamative, tipuri de propoziţii, limbi romanice
  • exclamative, sentence types, Romance languages
Language: Romanian

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