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Dicţionarul limbii române (DLR) în format electronic. Aplicaţii

Publication: Comunicare interculturală și integrare europeană
Editors:Elena Dănilă, Ofelia Ichim, Florin-Teodor Olariu
Publisher:Editura Alfa
Abstract:[The Dictionary of the Romanian Language (DLR) in Electronic Format. Studies regarding its acquisition]
The paper presents the results of our research pursued during a project financed by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, through CNCSIS - the National University Research Council. The main objective of the project was to study and optimise the possibilities to obtain through computer-aided acquisition the electronic format of the thesaurus dictionary of Romanian (DLR). Due to the financial and technical conditions offered by the project, our studies show that an acceptable solution is to define a parsing strategy, specific to DLR. An output of the project is a Java-implemented tool, DLRex, an instrument for acquisition, processing and browsing the DLR. The computer-aided acquisition of DLR implies scanning, converting through an OCR, and manually correcting each printed file of DLR; the files obtained this way are further processed by DLRex in order to finally have them in an XML format. The results of the project show that the integral acquisition of DLR in an electronic format is feasible.
Language: Romanian

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