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Locul împrumutului lexical de origine anglo-americană în dinamica vocabularului limbii române de azi

Publication: Identitatea culturală românească în contextul integrării europene, Section Lingvistică, p. 187-205
Editors:Marius-Radu Clim, Ofelia Ichim, Laura Manea, Florin-Teodor Olariu
Publisher:Editura Alfa
Abstract:[The Scope of the Anglo-American Lexical Influx Penetrating into Contemporary Romanian and its Current Dynamics]
The English loans have seen a rather long and respectable progress in Romanian, and some recent such terms tend to replace older lexical items, previously borrowed from other European languages. The present paper tries to make a brief assessment of certain major aspects of this linguistic influx: the comparative weight of the various referential domains involved, the linguistic “propriety” and acceptability of the most recent lexical items – some of which are perfectly comprehensible by the average speaker of Romanian, while others are nearly perfect “aliens”, the prevalent position held by the technical terms, in principle opposed to the mere “Anglomaniac” borrowings, as well as the place held in the context by the idiom of the media. If some more recent English loans are mere “exotic”, quite unintelligible (and rather unacceptable) terms in the contemporary vocabulary of Romanian – i.e. sheer barbarisms, erroneously constructed or derived words or expressions, most of which spring out of meaning usurpation – some other terms illustrate the semantico-lexical processes of broadening and specialisation of meaning. Interestingly enough, there are Anglicisms exhibiting a form similar to Romanian words that continue old (usually Latino-Romance) roots, which assign new senses to those traditional terms, as there are numerous extensions of the meanings of various Romanian words belonging to the old, native stock, via loan-translation based on utter Anglophile mimicry.
The conclusions of the present contribution are: that the special lexical creativity of Romanian is still rife, including numerous substandard, humorous and imaginative coinages; that the morpho-syntactic adaptation of the more recent borrowings is relatively smooth and effortless, while also being rather chaotic from a strictly form-oriented perspective; that there is relative, though not spectacular, speaker-awareness in this process of lexical penetration – including the cultural level. It can be safely stated that the Englished lexical inflow is too ample and precipitate to be conveniently regulated from an objectively normative point of view. It seems that the future belongs, on the one hand, to actual linguistic use and, on the other hand, to the comparative ascendancy of the mass media – both tempered by the obvious trend towards genuine systematism and increased awareness in the common speakers’ drive towards achieving a better command of English.
Language: Romanian

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