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Ipostaze şi funcţii ale ironiei în discursul parlamentar românesc (1866-1900)

Publication: Perspective comparative și diacronice asupra limbii române, Section Pragmatică și stilistică, p. 133
Editors:Mihaela Viorica Constantinescu, Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae, Gabriela Stoica, Rodica Zafiu
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:[Instances and functions of irony in the Romanian parliamentary discourse (1866‒1900)]
The article aims at illustrating the different contextual values and pragmatic uses of irony in the Romanian Parliamentary discourse, in the period 1866-1900. We were particularly interested in observing the concrete modalities to realise the ironic macro speech acts, considering the major pragmatic theories of irony (Standard Pragmatic Theory and Echoic Mention Theory), and also to grasp their socio-discursive appearance, from both an illocutionary and a perlocutionary perspective. The analysis of authentic data indicates the complex and subtle discursive configuration of irony, which can be realised by various devices in the same intervention, the close interferences between pragmatic and argumentative functions, and consecutively the difficulty to fit irony into a single theoretical description.
Language: Romanian

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