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Valori stilistice ale antroponimelor în publicistica lui Mihai Eminescu

Publication: Studii de filologie in honorem Ștefan Găitănaru, p. 280
Editors:Liliana Soare, Adrian Sămărescu, Adina Dumitru
Publisher:Editura Universității din Pitești
Abstract:The article examines the expressiveness of person names used by Mihai Eminescu in some of his journalistic writings. More precisely, the paper focuses on the stylistic potential of antonomasia and points out that the most important Romanian writer of the second half of the 19th century frequently converts certain names into common nouns pejoratively used to ridicule the public figures of the age. The antonomasia was frequently used in conjunction with other figures of speech in the 19th century Romanian theatre as well as in the media. Eminescu uses antonomasia as a literary device meant to shed light on various ethical, ideological and ethnical connotations of person names.
Key words:stylistics, 19th century Romanian mass-media, antonomasia, Mihai Eminescu
Language: Romanian

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