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Variabilitate şi schimbare lingvistică – cercetare sociolingvistică cantitativă-calitativă-longitudinală asupra bilingvismului român-maghiar la românii din Ungaria (1990–2000–2010)

Publication: Cultură și identitate românească - Tendințe actuale și reflectarea lor în diaspora, Section Lingvistică
Editors:Ofelia Ichim; Luminița Botoșineanu, Daniela Butnaru, Marius-Radu Clim, Florin-Teodor Olariu, Elena Tamba
Publisher:Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:This article will present the research design of the different studies on Romanian–Hungarian bilingualism, language shift in Hungary. For the sociolinguistic studies presented here there were collected data in 1990, 2000 and 2010 with participant observation, sociolinguistic interview and within it a guided conversation, questionnaires on language use, a self-report test on language proficiency, and a word-test. The total number of the subjects of the three data collections are 361, and 33 subjects had been interviewed three times. In my study I would like to argue, the qualitative, quantitative and longitudinal study results are additional and complementary on the description of the course and speed of the process of language shift in a bilingual community, which is greatly influenced by several factors (e.g. social, historical, demographic, linguistic, etc.).
Key words:language shift, sociolinguistic interview, longitudinal study, indigenous community, Hungarian-Romanians
Language: Romanian

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