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The “PRO-N” clitic en / ne and the theory of cliticization

Publication: Bucharest Working Papers in Linguistics, XIV (1)
Publisher:Universitatea din București
Abstract:The Romance pro-N clitic (Fr., Cat.) en / (It.) ne is problematic for most theories of cliticization, because some phenomena support a movement analysis, while others seem to speak against movement. Endorsing the view that the pro-N clitic is the result of movement, this paper1 argues that the problems of this analysis can be solved by assuming that this clitic does not represent an N or NP, but rather a functional head intermediate between D/Q and N (probably Num), whose complement is empty after the DP-phase is completed. Consequently, I propose that the theory of cliticization should be modified in order to allow “dynamic minimality”: only minimal elements may cliticize, but non-minimal elements may become minimal in the course of the derivation, if their complement has a null spell-out.
Key words:clitics, nominal ellipsis, DP syntax, X0-status, Romance

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6Ion Giurgea, Isabela NedelcuElipsa nominală și construcția partitivăTeme actuale, 1092009

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