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Statutul fonematic al consoanelor palatale [k’, g’] și unele aspecte conexe

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, VI (1), p. 141-147
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:The Romanian palatal stops [c, ɟ] and the velar stops [k, g] may be interpreted as independent phonemes or as allophones of phonemes /k, g/.
The author brings some arguments for the second interpretation:
– the phonetic kinship between the stops [c, ɟ] and [k, g] and the syntagmatic relations of these consonants with the following vowels enable their participation to the chains of the palatalized/non-palatalized consonants [t – t’, d – d’, n – n’ … k – c, g – ɟ];
– the extent of palatalization of the velar stops [k, g] followed by front vowels varies from the more or less palatalized velars as far as palatals [c, ɟ] in the Transylvanian variant of the literary speech, but also in the standard pronunciation in syntactical phonetics;
– the report between [c, ɟ] and [k, g] is like the report between the palatal fricative [ç] and the glottal fricative [h], but the majority of the phoneticians account this as allophones of the phoneme /h/.
That interpretation enables a plainer explanation of the restricted distribution of these consonants as allophones: [c, ɟ] precede the front vowels [e, i] and [k, g] precede the back vowels ă, î [ɤ, ɯ]. Between the palatal stops [c, ɟ] and the palatal vowels [e, i] there is a reciprocal interrelation: the latter assimilates the former velar consonants (within the word and in syntactic phonetics) and the acute sonority of the palatal consonants determines the acute sonority of the following vowels.
Key words:phonetic/ phonemic correlation, neutralization, defective distribution, allophony or reciprocal assimilation
Language: Romanian

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