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Expressions idiomatiques et référence spatiale dans le discours de Mickey

Publication: Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai. Philologia, LIX (3), p. 81
Publisher:Editura Presa Universitară Clujeană
  • [Idiomatic expressions and spatial reference in the speech of Mickey.] This research is aimed at describing the meanings of idiom elements that play an important role in idiom interpretation and use by raising the question of various nonliteral forms within the particular context of the comic strip of Mickey. Another goal is to analyse the issue of idiom types and the two major models of idiom comprehension: non-compositional, which describes idioms as a unique form of language, and compositional, which describes idioms as ranging from the non-compositional word-like phrase to fully compositional metaphor-like constructions. Idiom use and comprehension is an integral part of everyday conversation and it is also an integral part of discourse processing where the meanings of words and the compositional meanings of phrases and sentences are routinely generated and used to infer the speaker’s intentions.
  • [Expresiile idiomatice ṣi referinţele spaţiale ȋn limbajul lui Mickey.] Demersul nostru vizează surprinderea sensurilor unor expresii idiomatice care joacă un rol important ȋn interpretarea ṣi utilizarea diverselor forme nonliterale din desenul animat Mickey. Insistăm asupra tipurilor de idiomuri ṣi a modelelelor de înţelegere a expresiilor idiomatice: tipul non- compoziţional, care vizează idiomurile ca formă unică de limbaj, ṣi cel compoziţional, care surprind idiomurile drept o gamă variată începând de la construcţiile pseudo-lexicale non-compoziţionale ṣi sensurile compoziţionale ale propoziţiilor care sunt generate ȋn mod constant ṣi utilizate pentru a transmite intenţiile vorbitorului.
Key words:
  • idiom, non-literal language, pragmatics, lexiculture, BD
  • expresie idiomatică, pragmatică, lexicultură, BD
Language: French

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