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Spiritul ludic în cultura românească sau de la zaiafet la party

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, X (1 supl.), p. 319-325
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:[The Ludic Spirit in the Romanian Culture: from Revelry to Party] Whether we look at the game (“joc”) the way Huizinga sees it, as an “intermezzo of the everyday life” or as “a way of wasting time”, according to Aristotle’s conception, the game – in the broad sense of the term, represents a matter or culture, a cultural treasure. The image of a nation’s culture is formed from different segments through remembering, both the distant ages and the careful analysis of the life-facts of today. In this context, the way Romanians in the 16th-18th centuries desired to spend enjoyable time and taste revelries (in order to get out from the ordinary, with Turkish music, habits and costumes of Eastern influence), the way in which, the decor, clothes, and the Frenchified young men era changed, trying other indoor games at “soirele”, are data worthy for the linguist. It is also an occasion to record a special lexicon that enables assertions aiming the anthropology and, in particular, the linguistic anthropology. The significant changes in the today’s Romanian world, both the ones in economics, politics, social and especially the ones in the collective mind, have led to different attitude towards the game. Huizinga’s fear, according to whom “when the culture advances, the ludic element passes on the last level”, seems pessimistic. The contemporaries’ hunger for games contradicts this assertion. Thus, our comments, researching the diachrony of the ludic spirit in the Romanian people, are pursuing the inventory and analysis of terms that circumscribe to this semantic sphere.
Key words:revelry, Turkish music, Frenchified young men, game, ludens
Language: Romanian

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8Silvia CiubotaruFolclorul medical din Moldova
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