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Imaginea îngerului în frazeologia românească și spaniolă

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XIX (2), p. 153-164
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The present paper provides a comparative and contrastive analysis of Romanian and Spanish phraseological units from the standpoint of ethnolinguistics. More specifically, we will tackle the linguistic structures that contain the word “angel”, which are listed in Table 1. An inventory of thematic elements was made, according to the attributes of celestial beings (pure spirits, beautiful, resisting temptations, numinous). Of special importance are idiomaticity, transparancy and the place predominant semes occupy in the semantic configuration of phraseologisms. With respect to the correspondence between the two languages, we aimed at identifying several types of equivalence (total, partial and zero equivalence).
Key words:
  • figura îngerului, frazeologie, etnolingvistică, semantică
  • the image of the angel, phraseology, ethnolinguistics, semantics
Language: Romanian

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92Iuliu A. ZanneProverbele românilor
Vol. I-X
Socec; Editura Tineretului; „Scara”1895-1912, 1959; 2003-2004

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