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Pomelnic aparținînd Bisericii „Sf. Parascheva” din localitatea Enăchești, jud. Bacău

Publication: Text şi discurs religios, II, Section Retorica discursului religios, p. 241-250
Publisher:Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:The existence of a painted diptych inside the altar’s apse - may it be static or movable (i.e. painted on wood or directly on the wall) it s a frequent architectural situation appearing since 13th 14th centuries in Christian churches. The diptych is dated 1814 and resides in the „St. Parascheva” Church in Enachesti, Romania. It is a valuable cult object, being built up from three pieces. The object has been analised in an investigation, conservation and restoration process, being in a advanced stage of degradation which needed fast conservation interventions.The three parts of the diptych contain painted surfaces and also written surfaces where the patron, their families and other donors are mentioned with the purpose of being named during the religious events which where held in the church.
Language: Romanian

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