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Elemente cu conotaţie valorică în structura unităţilor frazeologice românești

Publication: Limba română, LXIII (1), p. 75
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In Romanian phraseology, we have a series of structures organised with non-quantity lexemes that express, however, certain value connotations, similar to currencies and measurement units. Thus, in certain contexts, the idea of ‘value’ / ‘quantity’ may be rendered also by nouns that define small or big objects, light or heavy, cheap or expensive, useless or important objects, etc. Among these elements, we mention here: boabă ‘bean’, buche ‘letter’, pai ‘straw’, pană ‘feather’, fir ‘thread’, brânză ‘cheese’, etc.
Usually, the creation of idiomatic expressions under this category is based on metaphorisation and object association, with regard to their shape, weight and use.
Key words:
  • unitate frazeologică, conotaţie valorică, procedeul asocierii obiectelor, procedeul metaforei
  • phraseological unit, value connotation, object-association phenomenon, metaphorisation
Language: Romanian

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