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Din lexicul dialectal al satului Toracu-Mic, Banatul sârbesc

Publication: Analele Universității de Vest din Timișoara. Seria Științe Filologice, XLIV, p. 231-251
Publisher:Editura Universității de Vest
Abstract:The present contribution is based on an interview with a participant from the Romanian village Toracu-Mic (the Serbian Banat). The interview was conducted in 2005 and its phonetic transcription has been already published in the volume of studies Field notes. Torac I – Fieldwork methodology. This transcription is used by the author to compile a short glossary of the Romanian idiom spoken in the village. Due to the fact that the author did not use classical dialectological methods and questionnaires, but an open-end interview (thus the qualitative research methods prevailed), the glossary is not exhaustive, registering only the lexemes which were spontaneously used by the participant. This glossary, elaborated on the basis of the idiolect of a single research participant, might not be of great significance for dialectologists, but will surely represent an interesting research material for ethnolinguists and anthropologists.
Language: Romanian

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1Annemarie Sorescu-MarinkovićStrategies for Creating an Explanatory Bayash Dictionary in SerbiaRRL, LVI (1), 17-342011pdf

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