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The Semantic Field of Quantity in the Language of the Press – The Psychological Impact of the Written Word

Publication: Language and Literature – European Landmarks of Identity, 11, p. 89
Publisher:Universitatea din Pitești
Abstract:The semantic field of quantity is a relevant coordinate both in the lexical- grammatical classes of the noun, pronoun, numeral and adverb, and the language of the written press. As a dynamic agent for the direction of lexical innovation, the written press, along with other means of mass communication, enjoys a significant reputation as compared to oral communication. In its complexity, the word encompasses a huge amount of emotions and information, with a strong psychological impact on the receiver. It has been chosen the language of the written press, since it best renders the tendencies of present language, the frequent changes, thus representing an inexhaustible source of new terms, phrases and meanings. Hasty and superficial, obsessed with novelty, the mass-media have generated an ethics of authenticity by which the transmitter or receiver of the message excludes self-control, with obvious repercussions on the way of expressing himself. The language of contemporary press, especially the political discourse abounds in quantifying structures, usually perceived as deplorable forms of false humour and irony. Today’s politicians ramble and twaddle, creating a river of sterile words, lacking logical consistency. The present study illustrates the wealth of quantifying terms, as well as their semantic and stylistic nuances. In order to better emphasize the role and nature of these structures, we have selected a few reference journals in the Romanian press: Jurnalul National, Evenimentul Zilei, Dilema Veche, Revista 22, and other sources relevant for the semantic field of quantity.
Key words:quantity, lexical innovation, logical consistency
Language: English

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