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Translating Fishing Unadapted Loanwords from English into Romanian

Publication: Language and Literature – European Landmarks of Identity, 13, p. 361
Publisher:Universitatea din Pitești
Abstract:A field of activity that encourages the ‘import’ of English words in Romanian is fishing. As the dynamics of economy stimulates the circulation of goods it is obvious that the necessity of covering the concepts is high and the words denominating them are rapidly borrowed from the source language and used unadapted in the target language. This is the purpose of the present paper, to comment on the necessity of covering the realities with Romanian concepts.
Key words:fishing, loanword, meaning
Language: English

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61Adriana Stoichițoiu-IchimAspecte ale influenței engleze în româna actualăEditura Universității din București2006
40Uriel Weinreich
  • Languages In Contact
    Findings and Problems
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Linguistic Circle of New York; Editura Universității Transilvania din Brașov1953, 1974; 2013 (trad.)

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