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Observaţii asupra conjuncţiilor cauzale în secolul al XIX-lea

Publication: Limba română, LVIII (2), Section Gramatică, p. 248-253
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The author analyzes the causative connectors present in texts from the 19th century from a formal point of view as well as from semantic and syntactic aspects. The analysis shows that in the 19th century, in the case of certain members of the class, the process of grammaticalization was not finished. From a semantic point of view, some lexemes were specialized for introducing causative clauses, some others introduced other types of adverbials (usually, representing the basic uses of the respective connectors). The conjunction căci (‘because’) is granted a special attention; from a syntactic point of view, in the 19th century, this connector is closer to the class of subordinating connectors, whereas in the 20th century it behaves more like coordinating connectors.
Key words:
  • conjuncţie cauzativă, conjuncţie circumstanţială, conjuncţie coordonatoare, conjuncţie subordonatoare, gramaticalizare
  • causal conjunction, adverbial conjunction, coordinating conjunction, subordinating conjunction, grammaticalization
Language: Romanian

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57Gheorghe Chivu, Gabriela Pană Dindelegan, Adina Dragomirescu, Isabela Nedelcu, Irina Nicula Paraschiv (ed.)Studii de istorie a limbii române
Morfosintaxa limbii literare în secolele al XIX-lea și al XX-lea
Editura Academiei2012, 2015

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