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Şcoala Ardeleană. Aspects of Geographical Terminology

Publication: Language and Literature – European Landmarks of Identity, 6, p. 97-103
Publisher:Universitatea din Pitești
Abstract:The objective of this paper is the analysis of the specialized terminology in the field of geography used by the Transylvanian scholars. We have selected terminological units representative for this scientific field and presented the ways in which the terminological corpus is created: lexical borrowings, loan-translations, translations (syntagms, periphrases), old, traditional terms. In order to have a synthetic perspective on the geographical terminology, we made a classification on specific sub-areas, observing the weight held by each of the lexical categories delimited and analyzed, the etymological structure of the specialized vocabulary as well as the synonymic series established in the texts researched.
Key words:geographical terminology, lexical borrowings, loan-translations, old terminology, synonymic series, translations
Language: English

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