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Sufixul diminutival -el / -ea, în limba română

Publication: Limba română, LIX (4), p. 499
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The present article is a monographic study of one of the most frequently used diminutive suffixes in the Romanian language, the suffix -el ⁄ -ea originating in the Latin suffix -ellus ⁄ -ella. This Latin suffix, frequently used in Vulgar Latin, replaces the classical Latin -ulus ⁄ -ula. The first part is a critical analysis of the Latin terms presented in the literature as mediating the transfer of the suffix into the Romanian language (and the other Romance languages). Next, the denominative value of the suffix is discussed, as well as the way in which it combines with the basicwords on the Romanian territory. Conclusions, based on the material offered by the DEX dictionary, refer to the suffix productivity.
Key words:
  • formarea cuvintelor, sufixe diminutivale moştenite din latină în română
  • words formation, the diminutive suffixes originating from Latin in Romanian
Language: Romanian

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