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Consideraţii morfosintactice şi lexicopragmatice asupra numerelor întâi şi dintâi

Publication: Limba română, LIX (4), p. 479
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The article presents a grammatical analysis concerning the numerals “întâi” and “dintâi” in Romanian. The aspects that are discussed are: the origin of the numerals, the etymology, the attestation of the numerals in the old Romanian, their morphological and semantic values, the variability of their form and the specific features of the numerals in the contemporary Romanian texts. The article underlines important aspects regarding the actual use of the two numerals: “întâi” and “dintâi” are articulated when they represent the first element of a phrase (“întâia epocă” and “dintâia zi”). When in postposition, “întâi” is articulated (“clasa “întâia”) and “dintâi” has an invariable form (“clasa dintâi”).
Key words:
  • numeral, „întâi”, „dintâi”, valoare gramaticală
  • numeral, “întâi”, “dintâi”, grammatical value
Language: Romanian

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