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Consideraţii asupra lexicografiei româno-persane

Publication: Limba română, LIX (2), Section Lexicografie, p. 221-229
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The purpose of this article ist o explore the subject of Persian dictionaries and bilingual Persian-Romanian dictionaries. We started with the review of the most important dictionaries of the Persian Language. Bilingual Persian-Romanian lexicography are scarce. They are written by Persian authors who studied in our country. The most important project belongs to prof. V. Bageacu who taught Persian language and literature at the University of Bucharest. This Persian-Romanian dictionary is a modern work containing a great number of entries which will interest not only specialists but everyone who wants to learn Persian language and culture.
Key words:
  • dicţionar, lexicografie, lexic, bilingv, persană, terminologie
  • dictionary, lexicography, vocabulary, bilingual, Persian, terminology
Language: Romanian

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1Ovid DensusianuRom. șăi și proveniența lui iranicăGS, IV (1), 1531929

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