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Cuvinte româneşti cu „etimologia necunoscută”: 1. beregată, 2. a băga, 3. viscol/vicol

Publication: Limba română, LX (4), p. 505-521
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:Among the Romanian words of «unknown etymology», beregată “throat, windpipe” and a băga “to put (into)” have most probably an inherited Latin-Romance origin: *(um)bilicata (P. Skok) and *bagāre (vagāre + *baga). Viscol “snow storm, blizzard” belongs to an old Scandinavian type of Germanic loans (probably Gepidic), the variant vicol “idem” being probably a Bastarnic loan, cf. E to whisk, Swed. vicka, vika, viska, vispa, OScand. visk “broom” etc.
Key words:
  • etimologie necunoscută, cuvinte autohtone dace, cuvinte latino-romanice moştenite, împrumuturi vechi germanice/ nordice, comparaţia indo-europeană, restrângere/ polarizare semantică
  • unknown etymology, Dacian autochtonous words, inherited Latin-Romance words, Old Germanic/ Old Scandinavian loans, Indo-European comparison, semantic reduction/ ~ polarization
Language: Romanian

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