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Philippe Jaccottet Traducteur. Portrait du traducteur en blanc et en noir ou quelques réflexions en marge des stratégies traductives

Publication: Atelier de traduction, 15, p. 169-181
Publisher:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Abstract:[Philippe Jaccottet or a Black and White Portrait of the Translator] As Philippe Jaccottet puts it, both hermeneutic process and translation practice are to be defined by the same formula, which the Swiss poet borrows from Virginia Woolf’s definition of poetry: they are both “secret transactions” established between the author’s voice and that of the reader or of the translator. Certainly, in the case of book reviews, which imply scriptural subjectivity, debating polyphony may seem natural. This is not the case in translation, where the translator’s presence must be reduced significantly. Jaccottet is not a translation theorist; nevertheless, he argues that the translator needs to obliterate himself (s’effacer) behind the voice of the original author. Yet, Jaccottet’s translation choices prove that this ideal of self-obliteration (effacement) needs explanation: the translation “unconscious” often betrays the conscious strategies claimed by the translator.
Key words:translation, polyphony, self-obliteration
Language: French

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