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Adjectives and Specificity

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LIX (1), p. 103-128
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In recent studies, such as Jacob (2005), Demonte (2008) it has been claimed that in Romance languages (e.g. Spanish), prenominal adjectives signal a [+specific] reading of the containing DP. In this paper, we address the same problem with respect to Romanian prenominal adjectives.
The following claims will be defended in this paper: a) The [+specific] reading is just one of the possible interpretations of prenominal adjectives. b) Not all prenominal adjectives, however, impose specific interpretations. There is a class of prenominal adjectives which do not convey “an anchoring of the referent with respect to either the speaker or some other participant”. This is the case of prenominal adjectives in generic sentences. c) The prenominal space is not homogeneous, accommodating generic (taxonomic), as well as specific readings, but prenominal adjectives represent a unitary class, by virtue of other semantic properties (mode of semantic combination, modal, quantificational features).
Key words:DP-adjectives, NP-adjectives, prenominal adjectives, specificity
Language: English

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