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The Discourse Structuring Potential of DOM, the Case of Indefinite and Definite Direct Objects in Romanian

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LVIII (4), p. 439-456
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:This paper investigates pe-marking of postverbal human direct objects in Romanian as an instance of differential object marking (DOM). Specifically, we compare the conditions under which unmodified definite noun phrases are pe-marked with the conditions under which indefinite noun phrases are pe-marked. We argue that pe-marking does not only signal the referential property of specificity for indefinites and referentiality for definites, but that it also signals the discourse-pragmatic property of Discourse Structuring Potential (DSP). DSP is reflected by (i) a higher likelihood of subsequent mention (Givón 1983, Ariel 2001, Arnold 2010) and (ii) a higher topic shift potential (Givón 1983). Discussing the findings from different sentence-continuation experiments we conducted, we argue that pe-marked unmodified definite noun phrases and pe-marked indefinite noun phrases show a higher DSP than their unmarked counterparts.
Key words:Differential object marking, specificity, Discourse Structuring Potential, discourse prominence, sentence-continuation task
Language: English

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2Alexandra Cornilescu, Anca DinuAdjectives and SpecificityRRL, LIX (1), 103-1282014pdf

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