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Is the split between literal and free translation out of date? A case study: Cantemir’s translation from Stimuli virtutum, fraena peccatorum (I)

Publication: Diversité et identité culturelle en Europe, VIII (1), p. 77
Publisher:Editura Muzeul Literaturii Române
  • Această lucrare tratează aspectele centrale ale traducerii Stimuli virtutum, fraena peccatorum de către Dimitrie Cantemir. Având în vedere relaţia specială dintre versiunea originală şi versiunea traducerii, trebuie reexaminate, punându­se sub semnul întrebării, conceptele de traducere literară vs literală.
  • This paper is concerned with the central issues of Cantemir's translation from Stimuli virtutum, fraena peccatorum: translatability and fidelity. Taking into account the special relation between the original version and the Romanian text, the concepts of free and literal translation become questionable and need to be reexamined.
Key words:
  • Fidelitatea faţă de traducere, verbum e verbo translation, sensum pro sensu translation
  • Faithfulness, verbum e verbo translation, sensum pro sensu translation
Language: English

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