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Colloquial – Slang Vocabulary: from maidanagiu to culturagiu

Publication: Studii și cercetări de onomastică și lexicologie, VI (1-2)
Publisher:Editura Sitech
  • The paper deals with Turkish borrowings and derivatives ending in -giu in Romanian. A colloquial-slang form, maidanagiu is a newly derived word, with no entry in any dictionaries of the Romanian language, yet in use. It belongs to a category of derivatives characterizing suburban culture and occurring in internet chats and in the language of the current Romanian press.
  • Le present article discute des anciennes influences Turques et de leur nouvelle actualite en roumain, sise en registre colloquial-argotique. Maidanagiu, culturagiu et des noms similaires sont de nouvelles derivations, pas encore enregistrees par les dictionnaires du roumain, mais vivement actives. Celles-ci appartiennent a la culture suburbaine et apparaissent dans les conversations par l’internet et dans le langage de la presse roumaine actuelle.
Key words:
  • Turkish borrowing, derivative, colloquial-slang, deprecating, suburban culture
  • influence turque; derivation, langage colloquial-argotique, sens pejoratifs, culture suburbaine
Language: English

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