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Romanian composed toponyms (structure)

Publication: Studii și cercetări de onomastică și lexicologie, V (1-2), p. 289
Publisher:Editura Sitech
  • This work does constitute an analysis of the structure existing in the cases of Romanian toponymical composed words. In Romanian, the noun does participate in various combinations with other nouns, as well as with adjectives, in the cases: accusative, genitive, nominative. For the whole country’s territory, the structures of toponymical composed words are the same, as various examples prove it, together with the indicators of the country’s departments. Due to one on to several among their elements, certain composed constructions are highly expressive.
  • Ce travail constitue une analyse de la structure des composés toponymiques roumains. Le substantif entre en combinaisons avec d’autres substantifs dans le cas nominatif, accusatif, génitif, ainsi qu’avec l’adjectif. Les structures sont les mêmes pour les composés toponymiques de tout le territoire du pays, comme il en témoigne les exemples et les indicatifs des départements du pays. Certains composés sont expressifs par l’un ou par plusieurs éléments.
Key words:
  • composed words, toponyms, Romanian, structure, appelative
  • composé, toponyme, roumain, appellatif, structure
Language: French

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