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The Semantics of the Symbol in Barbu’s Poetry – the First Stage of Creation

Publication: Studii și cercetări de onomastică și lexicologie, I (1-2), p. 184
Publisher:Editura Sitech
Abstract:The present paper aims at emphasizing the uniqueness of Barbu’s first creation stage by presenting the main idea of Barbu’s entire poetry (the quest for Absolute) as well as the symbols by means of which it can be illustrated. The classification of symbols is based on that created by Mihaela Mancaş: conventional symbols converted into poetic symbols, the so-called poetic (literary) symbols and the obscure symbols. One can notice the prevalence of the first two categories of symbols, as well as the large lexical variety of the symbols of Absolute.
Key words:conventional symbols (converted into) poetic symbols, literary symbols, symbolized elements, Absolute, context
Language: English

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