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Metastance in the Romanian Parliamentary Discourse: Case Studies

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LV (4), p. 365-380
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The article presents three case studies on the Romanian traditional Parliamentary Discourse (one discourse given by Titu Maiorescu, 1877 and two discourses given by Nicolae Iorga, 1908, 1919, respectively) and aims at identifying correlations between stance-taking, metastance and persuasion. The analysis revealed objective metastance based on logic in Maiorescu’s discourse vs. subjective metastance based on ethos and pathos in Iorga’s discourses. Beyond differences in metastance and persuasion, some culturally shared values were traced in the three samples. Metastance activities in Parliament are consistent with the intense face work activities in Romanian every day conversations.
Language: English

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