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Verbal Aggressiveness in the Romanian Parliamentary Debate. Past and Present

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LV (4), p. 353-364
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The paper intends to present, from a pragma-rhetorical point of view, the main marks of the verbal aggressiveness, as revealed in the parliamentary debates, with reference to certain rhetorical and argumentative choices. The data are represented by several Romanian parliamentary debates, ranging from 1866 until nowadays. The present approach questions the difference in the verbal aggressiveness, by comparing the early Romanian parliamentary debates and the present-day ones. It is true that, throughout the parliamentary interaction, the indirectness softens the verbal attacks of the MPs, but the degree of indirectness is highly variable. The paper focuses on the rhetorical devices and on insults, the latter directed either at the adversary’s person or at his/her discourse. The comments point out some frequent cases of fallacies. In the authors’ opinion, impoliteness, sometimes rudeness, in the debates, could be revealed by studying the way other MPs and other debates are evaluated and staged.
Key words:verbal aggressiveness, on/off record strategies, rhetorical/ argumentative choices, fallacies
Language: English

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