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Impactul politicilor lingvistice asupra terminologiei / translatorului

Publication: Studia Universitatis Petru Maior. Philologia, 15, p. 35
Publisher:Universitatea Petru Maior
Place:Târgu Mureș
Abstract:The research aims to study some of the aspects regarding the relationship between current language policies and the condition of the terminologist/translator in relation to science, culture, national languages - in the context of globalization - the relationship of the translator with the recipient and the user, etc. The assertion the study starts with is that the domain of terminology is a frontier at the confluence of science, culture, linguistics - on the one hand - and society, the policy strategies of development, etc. on the other.
Key words:language policies, terminology, translation, culture, globalization
Language: Romanian

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18Solomon MarcusPoetica matematicăEditura Academiei1970

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