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Atlasul lingvistic al dialectului aromân, bază pentru cercetarea raporturilor aromâno-albaneze

Publication: Fonetică și dialectologie, XXXVI, p. 215-221
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[The linguistic atlas of the Aromanian dialect as a ground for a comparative research with the Albanian language]
Our paper is intended to emphasize some semantic correspondences between Aromanian and Albanian, as shown by the linguistic maps of the most recently published source, ALAR (= Linguistic Atlas of the Aromanian Dialect).
Such correspondences are, in our opinion, the result not of the influence of one of the two idioms upon the other, but of the contacts established between the speakers in a central linguistic area comprising Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria (with extensions in Greece). The revival of a series of Latin inherited words in Aromanian, upon an Albanian pattern (most frequently – but not always – filled with loanwords from Latin), is a consequence of those contacts.
Language: Romanian

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