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Oralitatea în configurația stilurilor funcționale

Publication: Limba Română (Chișinău), XXVII (3), Section Limba română azi, p. 49
Publisher:Revista „Limba Română”
Abstract:We discuss in this article the issue of style as a fundamental concept of culture, of functional styles, delimited according to common criteria and orality (oral, familiar, dialectal or colloquial style etc.). We try to argue that orality does not meet the classification criteria of functional styles and, therefore, cannot be considered one of them, but a way of utterance, at most. At the same time, we cannot speak of purity of style anymore, as was traditionally accepted, because we collectively witness a visible interplay of styles both in a written and in oral form due to the linguistic inclusion of all speakers in the virtual communication circuit as well as due to the unlimited access to information following the emergence of multiple means both media and technological, or a combination of the above.
Language: Romanian

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