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Preverbal Subjects and Topic Marking in Romanian

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LXII (3), p. 279-322
Information structure and the left periphery / La structure informationnelle et la périphérie gauche
Edited by Ion Giurgea
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:Given the fact that subjecthood is not marked in Romanian by placement in a dedicated preverbal position, Romanian has been described as a VSO language in generative studies. From this perspective, the frequency of SV orders is somehow unexpected. I present the pragmatic and structural conditions on subject placement in Romanian and discuss an account which derives the (un)acceptability of the various possible orders based on the idea of a multifunctional position in the preverbal field, which is always present and is used for informational-structural purposes but can also be filled by raising the closest argument. I present evidence that preverbal subjects which are neither topics nor foci do exist in Romanian. I identify certain environments where such subjects are disallowed and propose a prosody-based account for the observed restrictions. I compare the multifunctional position account with other possible analyses, concluding that there are two other accounts which can cover the data: one based on distinct peripheral heads associated with an EPP-feature, and one that replaces the EPP-feature by a pragmatic principle. Finally, I argue that the observed facts are compatible with a view of Romanian as a topic-oriented language.
Key words:subjects, information structure, topics, word order, Romanian
Language: English

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