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O privire de ansamblu asupra tratării limbajului oral în textul publicistic (I)

Publication: Limba Română (Chișinău), XXVII (1), Section Limbaj și comunicare, p. 103-111
Publisher:Revista „Limba Română”
Abstract:The interest for the stylistic and pragmatic values of orality in literary written text has always been maintained by several researchers concerned with the study of the text. This aspect is mainly reflected in literary criticism studies with reference to artistic works.
Since the publishing text has, mostly, similarities with the belletristic one, but not only because of that, orality was and remains a source that continuously inspires journalists with its richness and diversity of means of expression, but also with its stylistic and pragmatic poignancy.
Oral language is the one that reflects the latest trends in language and the one that „tests”, „probes the ground” of language evolution in general. Thus, the publishing text, which folds neatly on the reality of the moment, almost exhaustively expresses the current profile of Romanian language.
Language: Romanian

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