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La polémique entre scientifiques: une approche polyphonique

Publication: Studii de lingvistică, 1, p. 197-212
Hommages à Maria Ţenchea
Publisher:Facultatea de Litere din Oradea
Abstract:The present work deals with the functioning of polemics within scientific discourse. A global description of polemics between scientists is given which makes a distinction between a discursive dimension, le polémique, and an interactional dimension, la polémique, of this discursive phenomenon. This approach of polemics is a polyphonic one, explaining the plurivocity of polemical discourse by the co-presence of several voices in conflict. Its plurivocity being due to an internal dialogue between two antagonist discourses, polemics is a particular case of dialogic polyphony. Polemics between scientists is envisaged as a “dispute” between several minds committed to a dialogic search for truth with the aim of making a contribution to the advancement of knowledge. A particular interest is taken in what is at stake in a polemic between scientists. The various aspects of the matter are situated at three levels: the level of scientific priority, the level of metalanguage and the conceptual level.
Key words:polemics, scientific discourse, polyphony, dialogism
Language: French

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