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On the Quantitative and Formal Aspects of the Romanian Syllables

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LI (3-4)
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In this paper we investigate the syllable from two different points of view. In the first part we investigate the quantitative aspects of the syllable. Firstly, we argue for the need to construct a data base of Romanian syllables. We explain the reasons for our choice of the DOOM corpus which we have used. We describe the way syllabification was performed and explain how we have constructed the data base. The main quantitative aspects which we have extracted from our research are presented. We also computed the entropy of the syllables and the entropy of the syllables w.r.t. the consonant-vowel structure. The results are compared with results of similar researches realized for different languages.
The second part is dedicated to formal approaches of the syllable. We propose and study a model of the graphical syllable, using Marcus contextual grammars. For this purpose we introduce two new variants of Marcus contextual grammars: total Marcus contextual grammar with total leftmost derivation and total Marcus contextual grammar with total leftmost derivation constrained by maximal use of selectors. A second formalization of the syllable is based on the presupposition that the syllabification is rather parallel than sequential one. The parallel manner of syllabification is realized by introducing some parallel extensions of insertion grammars. We use these grammars in an application to Romanian language syllabification.
Language: English

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